Local Weather for The Hamlet at Rock Springs

At 16:41 the current conditions were:

Temperature 86.5°F
Relative Humidity 66%
Dewpoint 73.8°F
Pressure is Steady 30.045 .in
Wind N at 0.0 mph
Wind Gust 0.0 mph
Current Rain Rate is 0.00 mm/minute

Summary for last hour:

Temperature Change +0.0°F
Humidity Change + 1%
Pressure Change -0.009 .in
Max Wind Speed 0.1 kts
Rainfall 0.0 mm

Rain Data:

Rain total for today 4.0 mm
Rain in last 10 mins 0.0 mm
Max rain rate today 0.000 mm/minute
Last rain was 02:13


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